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Mezzanine Floor FAQ’s

Mezzanine Floor FAQ’s

If you are considering installing a mezzanine floor to gain additional storage, production or office space (above normal working height) then you is probably already aware that a mezzanine will give you a very cost effective solution.

When you compare the cost of a mezzanine installation to the cost of rent and rates and the cost of moving in to a new unit, then a mezzanine floor will pay for itself  in a very short period of time. We understand however, that you may have a few more questions that you need answering before you progress with the project

The following is a list of questions and answers that are frequently asked by our clients.

What is the time scale from order to installation for a mezzanine floor installation?

Dependent on the size of the project, but generally floors are manufactured and installed within  a 4/5 week period.

Do I need to obtain planning permission for a mezzanine floor?

Yes,  but only if the mezzanine floor is for retail use or is more than 200 sq metres

Yes, if the mezzanine is connected to the existing building structure

Will the mezzanine/office installation require building regulations approval?

Yes, building/fire regulations are required and we will supply drawings and calculations to support your application for building regulations approval or we will submit the application on your behalf through our approved inspector subject to fee’s subject to the total project value.

Will I need to obtain my landlords approval for a mezzanine floor/office installation?

Yes, you will need to inform your landlord of the proposals and they will require confirmation that the building regulation application, drawings and calculations have been submitted.  Our approved inspector will issue notices as the application proceeds.

Will a mezzanine floor installation or office installation affects my rateable value.

Being a free standing structure; not connected in any way to the building structure, means that the floor will not be subject to any additional rent or rates.

Will the mezzanine floor need to fire protected?

Yes, If the mezzanine is used for anything other than storage (i.e. offices)

Yes, If the mezzanine takes up more than 50% of the building that it is within.

Yes, If  the mezzanine is  more than 20 metres in either direction.

Unless the building is fitted with a sprinkler system which can be extended to the underside of the mezzanine: then the mezzanine will not have to be fire protected.

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