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Acoustic Office Partitioning

Acoustic Office Partitioning

Acoustic office partitioning

Acoustic office partitioning system is for areas where low noise levels are required, such as audio testing, hospitals, clinics, and hi tech companies. Our acoustic office system absorbs the sound waves, and reduces the sound energy from hard surfaces in your office, like glass or hard walls. By blocking the sound waves generated by both speech and computers or machinery, it will leave you with the level of sound reduction or sound proofing that you require, as we can tailormake an bespoke accoustic office partitioning system to siut both your requirements and your budget. You will have the choice between soundproofing, such as hospital audio testing where zero noise levels are required, to sound absorption, which could be required in office or other workplace locations.

Our acoustic office partitioning panels have two sheets spot-welded to the framework; the outside sheet is 0.8 mm mild steel, the inside sheet is 0.75 mm perforated with 3 mm holes on a 5 mm pitch. A Rockwool acoustic slab AR45 is sandwiched between the sheets, giving a potential sound reduction of 30/35dB.


Constructed from 25.4 x 42 x 25.4 x 1.2 mm (18g) cold-rolled channels.

Whatever your individual needs are, Pearson Knight  are able to offer a bespoke acoustic office partitioning solution.



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