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Mezzanine Flooring Systems UK

Mezzanine Flooring Systems UK

Mezzanine Floors –  Using unused space to its optimum capacity.

Mezzanine flooring systems encompass the wide diversity of mezzanine flooringMezzanine floors are used to create and increase storage and assembly areas, retail,offices and can be installed in many locations. Mezzanines floors are found in most industrial warehouses and distribution centers. Many car showrooms and retail outlets will have a mezzanine floor to increase their display / point of sale capabilities. We have installed mezzanine flooring in restaurants, where we have increased the number covers by increasing the floor space by 50 – 100 percent with a mezzanine flooring second level area, within the buildings otherwise empty space volume . This is exactly what we have achieved for East Z East in Birmingham.

Mezzanine Floors are implemented to fulfill a wide and diverse solution for restricted space in existing warehouses & retail facilities. They are also used to provide additional space in new builds where the volume of the industrial buildings potential has not as yet been exploited. Mezzanines will quickly and easily release this space and instantly reduce the overall costs of rent and rates by half ( if 100 percent of foot print ) for example. A two tier mezzanine will reduce the cost by 50 percent and a three tier by 75 percent. Mezzanines can recoup the initial investment within a very short period of time.

Mezzanine Flooring will dramatically change the dynamics of a building. Retail outlets have been using mezzanines for many years to create a feeling of space and opulence. Wider, curved stainless steel feature staircases invites customers from one floor to the other and adds a feel good factor which keeps customers returning again and again increasing sales from footfall. In warehouse facilities, space and interest is created for staff, with atrium’s and feature staircases leading to offices, board rooms, show areas etc. Mezzanines for small storage areas within any warehouse releases otherwise cramped spaces and gives a better utilization for warehouse staff and increasing productivity.

Mezzanine Floors are factory Pre-fabricated, which means minimum disruption and a rapid installation are achieved on the site installation. Floors are installed sequentially, columns are positioned and pinned to the slab, main beams are lifted onto the columns by means of genie lifters or fork lift trucks and the bay is then stabilized with inset joists bolted to cleats. Bay are continually built in this way until the structure is completed. Finally the deck boards are installed and handrail and staircases complete the installation. We can transform any space quickly and easily and with the minimum of disruption to your business.

Mezzanines and raised storage platforms can be expanded in any direction if designed with these capabilities from the outset. Edge beams and edge columns can be designed to achieve further expansion at a later dater date with additional bays being added if required. This means the mezzanine can increase in size as your business expands. The columns are simply moved  to support additional main beams and this is achieved by supporting the edge beam with lifting props and moving the main beam to support the new and existing main beams. This delivers a cost and practical solution for the mezzanines expansion as your business dictates. Some mezzanines can only work upon a fixed grid system which has major implications to the ground floor functionality. Our mezzanine floors are use universal main beams with inset secondary beams,The column grid therefore can be designed off grid on any combination required.

Mezzanine Flooring & Mezzanine Platforms

Mezzanine Floor designs cater for a wide loading capacity and can be designed specifically for purpose and priced accordingly. Bays can be designed to for varying loads on the same platform. for example, it may be that part of the mezzanine is for offices and an adjacent area for general storage with yet a further area for heavy machinery. This poses no problem in terms of design and accurate pricing. Mezzanines floors are the most durable and cost effective answer to the practicalities of modern industrial needs.

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