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Paintbox, Birmingham – Mezzanine Floor Installation

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After negotiations, Pearson Knight was awarded the contact to provide a fire rated mezzanine floor installation with electrical lighting.

The new (phase 1) production facility would create an additional 880 square metres of assembly/ production area. The mezzanine floor was installed above the existing ground floor car component spray facility and finished goods area. Finished car components are stored on mobile racks and stillage’s having a width of 4.000 metres and heights up to 3.500metres.

The customer brief was to supply a Mezzanine floor with large column grid spans, to reduce the potential risk of forklift trucks carrying stillage’s colliding with the mezzanine supporting columns.

The floor would also have to be designed for expansion in the length at a later date (phase two). The new mezzanine would need to be designed to allow existing production and forklift truck activities to carry on as normal after the floor was installed.

The forklift trucks move large stillage’s around during production and the total height of the load was 3.500 metres. The height to the underside of the mezzanines suspended ceiling (with concealed modular lights) would need to be 4.000metrs

The required loading capacity of the Mezzanine would be for hand pallet trucks loaded to a maximum capacity of 1000killos.Pearson Knight was asked to obtain all necessary Building regulations consents as part of the contract.

After careful consideration and consultation with our Paintbox, we obtained core samples of the building slab, to confirm that the imposed loadings from the mezzanine would be acceptable. We prepared detailed working drawings for the mezzanine, which would have 6 bays in the 40.000metre length, and 3 bays in the 22.000metre width, with a clear underside height to the fire rated ceiling of 4 metres.

The mezzanine floor including two staircase, handrail and fire protected modular lighting was completed to the satisfaction of Paintbox and within the agreed 3 weeks factory close down period.

The new mezzanine installation has created an additional 880 m2 of usable production and storage space within the existing factory unit at Kings Norton, saving on costs associated with a potential move to a new facility.

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